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A guide to all your family's everyday healthcare needs

The “Little Book of Care” is a mini-guide to family health developed by Care, a leading healthcare brand in pharmacies. The 92 page one-stop “self-care” booklet was developed in conjunction with pharmacist and vice chairman of the English Pharmacy Board Sultan Dajani and BBC Health Correspondent and family GP Dr Sarah Jarvis. It offers free expert advice on how to treat a range of common family health conditions and minor ailments.*

Care, makers of over 90 tried and trusted healthcare products for everday ailments, helps you provide your loved ones with remedies when they need some tender loving care. Whether it's Ibuprofen Gel for Grandad's aches and pains, Antiseptic Cream for childhood grazed knees or Magnesium Trisilicate for Dad's indigestion you can rely on the Care range to have an answer.

* Please note that the healthcare professionals Sultan Dajani and GP Sarah Jarvis do not endorse Care medicines.

Always read the label

But it does not end there. Care is constantly making new products available to help you look after your family - genuine advances, like the first clinically proven treatment specifically for chickenpox itch, a revolutionary new approach to cooling and soothing irritated skin and a hayfever remedy that is both proven and effective and is suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

For years, Care has provided effective products that are manufactured to the highest standards. Click on the corner of the book to read the “Little Book of Care” for advice and information on a range of common illnesses and ailments.

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